Published 10/15/2020

This Halloween's Must-Visit Spook Is An On Air Nightmare

VIDEO: The Garage of Terror and WOAP Radio Present 2020's Most Original Haunted Event



It's a 25 to 40 minute walk through the woods just north of downtown Owosso on M-52, and it's no walk in the park.

Located behind the original studios of WOAP, a radio station serving mid-Michigan since 1948, there are scares around every turn of this haunted trail, and there is no safety in numbers here.  Only five people will enter at a time.

Have you heard of the infamous serial killer Charles Poe? Charles savagely killed his family after opening an ancient box he discovered in the trunk of his car, becoming possessed by the darkest of magic. 72 years after Poe annihilated his family, his great-granddaughter exposed the supposed location of the box, and Boomer, a DJ from the radio station WOAP in Owosso, felt drawn to investigate the woods behind the station. It appears that the evilness that was thought to be dead, has indeed come back with a vengeance. After hooking the box up to the station antenna, Boomer is set to destroy as many lives as he can. Are you brave enough to endure the trails filled with all your greatest fears?

The On Air Nightmare is open each Friday and Saturday night from 8pm until midnight at 2301 N M-52.

Tickets are just $20 so you'll have plenty of cash to grab a bite from the taco truck on site.

Get tickets online now at

Find out about all of this season's scary happenings on our HAUNTED HOT SHEET powered by Blight Propane.

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Amber Rochefort Is the Only New School Board Candidate

Get to Know Her Here!



Hello Durand residents!

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the citizens of Durand. My name is Amber Rochefort, and I am running for the Durand School Board.

I was born and raised in Wray, Colorado. In 1999, I was in my second year of college when I met my husband, Christopher Rochefort. In March of 2000, we married, and I left Colorado to begin an adventure with Chris, traveling around the world while he served 20 years in the United States Air Force. Upon his retirement, we moved back to his hometown in the Upper Peninsula before I decided to move closer to the University of Michigan-Flint to pursue my Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. I will graduate in December, continuing to my Master of Science in Nursing beginning in January 2021.

Through some research and the advice of some friends living in the area, I chose Durand as the place my family and I would finally call home. Since moving here in 2016, I have had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people in the community.

Prior to arriving in Durand, I have always been an advocate for community involvement and volunteering my time. It is in my nature, and I continue to dedicate my time to helping each community where I can. Since moving to Durand, I have sought out volunteer opportunities every chance I had. For example, I had the privilege of running the VFW Golf Outing fundraiser. My first year of hosting this event, we secured funding for two $1,200 scholarships to the 2020 graduating Durand Seniors. And an additional $2,400 went back to the VFW to support local veterans in the community. This year, COVID-19 challenged those fundraising efforts, but with perseverance, I pushed through and collaborated with the Durand Girls Golf Team outing. This successful joint operation raised nearly $8,000, of which a large portion went directly to the Durand Girls Golf Team. While these two fundraisers have been my passion projects. I have also been a part of the Athletic Booster fundraiser and Golden Gate fundraiser.

Through travel and life abroad, our girls have attended nine and seven schools, respectively; they love Durand, and we are happy to say Durand is "our home." During our four years here, we have enjoyed having our girls in Durand Schools. We have found the community and schools to be very welcoming. I have contemplated running for the school board for a couple of years. I enjoy being a part of the community, while I pride myself on stepping forward when I feel I can contribute.

Now it is that time!

The following are some highlights of what I plan to bring to the Durand School District:

• Transparency! I want to be Durand residents' voice, thus allowing me to represent the community's concerns to the schools. As an advocate for the community, I would ensure complete transparency and communication among the citizens, parents, teachers, and administrators. One of the military's benefits has been my exposure to multiple school systems, both large and small. I will bring a great deal of knowledge and new ideas.

Facilitate open communication system. For example, live-streaming school board meetings, so everyone has the opportunity to hear how and what decisions are being made on their behalf.

Re-evaluate the budget. Perform top-to-bottom review with a focus on the effective use of funds. Including, but not limited to, allocating funds towards student-centered activities, implementing physical activity and healthy eating models, and education to promote student and staff mental health.

Fundraising initiatives. I would like to see more funding to keep student-driven activities, repair, and improvements within the individual school buildings. Depending on the outcome of Bond 1, there may be a need to readdress some of the key issues, potentially creating a bond that more citizens are willing to support.

Setting measurable goals for Durand Area Schools. Creating safe and clean environments, promoting learning in all schools, and improving academic performance by implementing a system of high standards and accountability. Recruit and retain effective and qualified teachers. Promote parent involvement in every school.

Clear and concise regulation. Students and staff alike should have clear cut expectations and consequences. Students with multiple disciplinary infractions need to be evaluated individually to determine the root cause. Staff with multiple complaints and/or documented violations should also have clear-cut consequences based on the infraction severity. These should be reviewed and addressed on a routine basis.

Improved transportation options. I would begin with early recruitment, exceptional training, and retention by making Durand Area Schools an employer that people want to work for.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about who I am. If you have additional questions or comments, please send them to me at I look forward to serving you all!


2020: Turkey To Go

Lennon United Methodist Church's annual turkey dinner is set for October 22nd, but this year, turkey will be served curbside.

Call ahead to place your order, 810-621-3676, or order when you arrive, between 4:30 and 7pm on Thursday October 22nd.

Lennon United Methodist Church is located at 1014 Oak Street in Lennon. Dinner prices $10 for adults and $5 for kids. Children 4 years old and under are free.

Latunski Fit To Stand Trial

Shiawassee County District Judge, Ward Clarkson, has ruled that 51 year old, Mark Latunski, accused in the brutal December 2019 killing of 25 year old Kevin Bacon, is mentally fit to stand trial.

Latunski has been in the care of a State psychiatric hospital for the past ten months.

After connecting via a dating app, authorities say Bacon went to Latunski's home. Responding to a request for a wellness check at Latunski's Tyrrell Road home, deputies discovered Bacon's body.

A preliminary hearing is set for October 23rd at 8:30am.


Sandula Clock Tower Gets Repairs, New Look

After fundraising for work to renovate the Sandula Clock Tower in downtown Durand, the newly updated attraction is not only ready to weather another quarter-century or so, new LED lighting installed by contractor, Eric Cleveland, makes it an even brighter spot in the city.

The color of the newly-installed lighting can be changed. The clock tower was lit red on Tuesday September 1st. On September 4th, the clock tower was lit green. There are more than 30 color options that will be changed for different events and seasons.

Earlier in the summer the Durand Rotary Club set out to raise funds for replacement of the asphalt roof with a metal roof, replacement of damaged wood sections, and repairs to the clock faces. All of these updates were completed with the more than $12,000 in donations that was collected.

The group is currently evaluating the sound system that plays music from the tower and is expecting the system may need to be replaced. Some other minor repairs are planned in the lobby of the tower as well.

The Durand Rotary Club appreciates the generous community response to the club’s efforts to maintain and preserve the Sandula Clock for the future.

Built by local resident John Sandula in the early 1950's, the clock design is based on the style of a Hungarian cathedral clock. The bells on the clock are nearly 150 years old, given to Sandula from the First United Methodist Church of Durand.

The clock was originally housed on top of the Simplicity Engineering machine shops. After it was removed from the factory and stored for several years, the Durand Rotary Club undertook a fund raising campaign to repair the clock and build the tower to house it. The beautiful white stone tower and restored clock were dedicated by the City of Durand and the Rotary Club in 1996.




Shiawassee Radio

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Struggle Bus

Durand Afternoon Bus Run In Question Due to Need for Driver

Published 10/7/2020  10:16am


Durand Now photo
Durand Schools Superintendent, Craig McCrumb, sent a communication to parents on Tuesday evening regarding the need for a driver for Durand's afternoon Bus 28 run.





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